Intentional Mala Bracelet Making Class & Meditation: Thursday, Feb 7th

Intentional Mala Bracelet Making Class & Meditation: Thursday, Feb 7th


Intentional Mala Bracelet Making Class & Meditation

Lead by:
Caitlin Marie Driver of Pure Wholistic Alchemy, LLC. Caitlin is a Reiki Master, Syinthesis Sound Healing Facilitator, Artist and Jewelry Designer. She is passionate about sharing her method of conscious creation. She does this actively through her design consulting business and jewelry design. Visit her website here to find more about her services and products:

Create a one-of-a-kind intention and vibration-infused hand-knotted mala bracelet. We will begin with a guided meditation that will connect you to your heart’s desire, set intentions, design and assemble our customized malas, and finish with a deeply relaxing sound bath that will infuse your beads and body with the pure frequencies that have been used in meditation for centuries.

Mala’s are physical focal points that have been used during meditation in several spiritual traditions. During practice, a mala can be held between the thumb and middle finger, and on each bead an affirmation or prayer is stated. Necklace malas contain 108 beads and one guru bead, our bracelet malas will contain either 18 or 27 beads plus one bead that will represent your inner teacher. This bracelet mala will become a vibrational anchor for your meditation practice and each time you wear it, it will resonate and root you into the vibration of your intention.

Bring your journal. <3

CLASS TIME : 7 - 9:30PM

All classes are held at our studio:     3074 S Delaware Ave. (Milwaukee) Bay View, WI 53207

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